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We have several classes of membership:

First there are Class “A” members that include City, County, State and other jurisdictional employees involved in the management and enforcement of building, fire and other associated codes located within the sphere of influence of the Northern Nevada Chapter of the ICC. Class “A” members are the only voting members within the Chapter.

We also have Class “AS” Associated members which include architects, engineers, contractors and other individuals interested in the promotion of a clear understanding of building, fire and other codes.

Then we have our Honorary (Retired) members who are persons that have retired, but who have an ongoing interest in our industry.

There is also a membership class for Students who are actively enrolled in Industry related courses at UNR or a Northern Nevada Community College.

Membership dues for Class “A” & “AS” members is $20.00 a year. Students and Retired members are free of charge. And all memberships include discounts on all Northern Nevada Chapter sponsored seminars. We also encourage attendance to all of our bi-monthly meetings which in many cases include presentations worth continuing educational units (CEU’s).

Northern Nevada Chapter of the International Code Council Constitution and Bye-Laws

So please take a moment and look at our Membership Application and consider joining our Chapter. If you decide you would like to join us please fill out our Membership Application and submit it via the embedded link or mail it in.

Special note to all our current members, that time of year is coming to renew your current memberships, and with our new PayPal link below it is easier that ever!

We now are also providing the option to pay for you membership via PayPal by just clicking on the “Add to Cart” icon.


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Becoming a Member of NNICC”