2017 Officers and Board of Directors

2017 NNICC Officers
President: Paul Gordon email: gordonp@reno.com
1st Vice President: Jon Pennington email: jpennington@cityofsparks.us
2nd Vice President: Dan West email: dwest@townoftruckee.com
Secretary: Rick Kabele email: rkabele@cityoffernley.org
Treasurer: Teresa Parkhurst email: tparkhurst@cityofsparks.us
Sergeant of Arms: Marcus Voss email: vossm@reno.gov

2017 Board of Directors
Dan Holly hollyd@reno.gov
Peter Jordan jordanp@reno.gov
Ron Bodner bodnerr@reno.gov
Charity Birkel cbirkel@cityoffernley.org
Mark Kaminsky kaminskym@reno.gov
Jackie Schalberg schalbergj@reno.gov
Christen Pratt prattc@reno.gov
Cindi Gil-Blanco gilblanco@reno.gov

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